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Published on February 22nd, 2015 | by Karl Orts


Troy Ave Says He’s Finalizing A “Seven-Figure” Joint Venture Deal

Troy Ave says he’s working out a big deal but wouldn’t confirm whether it was with T.I. and Grand Hustle.

Troy Ave’s ascend in Hip Hop has been a process.

The New York rapper who has established a reputation for hustling recently told Hot 97 during NBA All-Star Weekend that he’s closing in on a major deal.

“I’m going to get a joint venture,” he said when asked about his recent dealings. “Everything I’m doing I told people I was going to do but they didn’t believe me. I don’t blame them. You’ve got people that just say things. Where I’m from you don’t just say things, your word is everything.”

When asked whether his newest music deal involved T.I. and Grand Hustle, Troy said he’s good friends with the Atlanta rapper but wouldn’t confirm any business is in motion with him.

“T.I.’s the home team. We’re putting plays together behind the scenes,” Troy Ave said. “T.I. is definitely influential in everything I do, but I got the number one independent label in the streets–BSB Records. Self made and self paid and we’re just doing what we do.”

T.I. has, in the past, confirmed his bond with Troy Ave and said he is working on a deal with the “All About The Money” rapper. It’s has also been reported that Troy Ave is actually a member of Grand Hustle.Troy-Ave-304-300x300

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