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Published on November 2nd, 2014 | by Karl Orts


T.I. & Jeezy Are Teaming Up For A Joint Album, ‘Dope Boy Academy’

The album title itself is chilling

T.I. and Jeezy are still here, and they’re still killing it. Both of their “pro” careers have spanned at least a decade–T.I.’s debut album, I’m Serious, dropped in 2001, Jeezy’s Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 hit in 2005–and between them, they have 7 platinum albums, and a ridiculous amount of hits, not to mention, the unique honor of being two of the greatest rappers Atlanta’s ever had to offer. So, their latest bit of news should be exciting for many.

In an interview with MTV, both T.I. & Jeezy confirmed an upcoming joint album, Dope Boy Academy (the name of the album literally couldn’t be better). Jeezy had this to say about his work with Tip:

Keep your eyes and your ears open. That’s my brother from another right there. We stay in our bag. So I would just stay focused if I was you.

The timing couldn’t be better. Both Jeezy (Seen It All) and T.I. (Paperwork) have released their latest albums, meaning their schedules are probably as free as they’ll ever be. T.I. will more than likely schedule some tour dates in support of his album, which was just released less than 2 weeks ago, but for a project this big, we’re sure they’ll find a way around that.dopr

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