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Published on August 28th, 2014 | by Karl Orts


Suge Knight Was Released from the Hospital

Suge Knight is recovering well.

Just three days ago a shooting broke out at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown. Unfortunatlley, Suge Knight took six of those bullets to his stomach. According to TMZ, the former Death Row Records CEO is already out of the hospital nursing himself back to complete health. Suge apparently left Cedars-Sinai around 6 a.m. on yesterday, August 27. Fortuntely for Suge the doctos say he won’t need any rehab but will need to have follow-up visits for doctors to monitor his progress.

At the party there were many attendees, Katt Williams being one of them. Williams claimed that Suge was shot while attempting to save another attendee and was not the target of the shooting, which police believe was the result of gang violence.

“I’m pretty sure Suge knows who shot Suge,” the comedian said. Suge Knight has been accessible every day of his life for 20 years,” Williams explained. “We know who it was aimed at. We know whose life he saved. And we know why they won’t talk about it. If it was gang-related then why didn’t it happen thoroughly? You see there’s parts of this story that just don’t seem to make sense. You’re saying it was gang-related. So, that means somebody’s gang was shooting at somebody’s gang and somebody’s gang didn’t shoot back. That’s your story? That’s not really how gang stuff works, is it?” Williams told TMZ.

The shooters have not yet been arrested and it seems as though Suge refuses to cooperate with the police investigation.suge-knight

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