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Published on February 7th, 2015 | by Karl Orts


Drake Offers $10,000 For “Blackout 5″ Main Event Winners

Drake says “Blackout 5″ “is probably the best battle card of all time.”

After months of build-up, King of the Dot’s big “Blackout 5″ battle event is finally taking place this weekend in Toronto. Drake has been attached to the event as an unofficial sponsor and last night announced plans to put up a $10,000 prize for two of the card’s main events.

Drake made the offer from the front row of Friday night’s event press conference following a pre-battle faceoff between battlers Hitman Holla and British battler Shotty Horroh, according to As an added incentive, Drake says he will give the winner of both Hitman Holla vs. Shotty Horroh and the headline battle between Charron and Pat Stay each $10,000.

Speaking with after the press conference, Drake said “Blackout 5″ “is probably the best battle card of all time.”

“Charron and Pat was my idea,” Drake said during the interview, “But I think that was like everyone’s idea,” he added with a laugh.Drake_11-18-2014-300x300

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